Rapiro main board specifications


Rapiro main board is designed to be compatible to Arduino and comes with Arduino UNO bootloader onto the microcontroller. This means the board can be controlled by Arduino IDE.


The board has I/O for controlling servos, full-color LEDs on eyes, Raspberry Pi and others.
Here is the list which shows Pin Number with correspond destinations.

Servo Moters

Destination Silk Print on Board Pin Number
Right Foot(pitch) foot_p D2
Right Foot(yaw) foot_y D4
Right Hand hand D7
Right Arm(pitch) shld_p D8
Right Arm(roll) shld_r D9
Head head D10
Waist waist D11
Left Arm(roll) shld_r D12
Left Arm(pitch) shld_p D13
Left Hand hand A0
Left Foot(yaw) foot_y A1
Left Foot(pitch) foot_p A2

There is capital words L and R printed on the Board. Pins from center to L is for left side of Rapiro. R is so for the right.


You can turn the power supply to the servos on and off by changing the state of A3 pin on Rapiro main board. To supply the power to the servos, set the A3 pin HIGH. If you write Arduino sketches which controlls the servos, do not forget to set the A3 pin HIGH on the sketch.

Full-Color LEDs

Destination Silk Print on Board Pin Number
Blue B D3
Green G D5
Red R D6


Silk Print on Board Pin Number

Raspberry Pi

Silk Print on Board Pin Number
RxD Rx(D0)
TxD Tx(D1)


Silk Print on Board Pin Number
A6 A6
A7 A7